Bad news – Maple Grove City Council Rejects Portillo’s

Several of us are mourning the decision by the Maple Grove City Council to reject an application by Portillo’s for a location in Maple Grove.

The famous Chicago beef and hot dog chain was hoping to open their 2nd Minnesota location in our area. But the council voted 3-2 against allowing it. Portillo’s planned to spend $3.2 million on a restaurant in what is currently parking at the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes.

Mayor Mark Steffenson and council member Phil Leith supported the project, but council members Karen Jaeger, Judy Hanson and Kristy Barnett voted against it. You can watch the meeting here.

Looks like we’ll either have to drive all the way across the metro area to Woodbury to try Portillo’s (not likely!) or stick with the current slate of places in the NW ‘burbs.

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