Buy Environmentally-Friendly E15 & Support Needs of Local Breast Cancer Patients

Did you know you can fuel up with environmentally-friendly gasoline & support the needs of local breast cancer patients at the same time?

For the 3rd year in a row, local Minnoco stations are hosting their “Pink Out” promotion now through the end of Octobeer – donating two cents from every gallon sold of E15 gasoline to the local charity Hope Chest for Breast Cancer. E15 contains five percent more ethanol than standard gasoline, displacing more toxic chemicals that form potent carcinogens when burned – the same carcinogens linked to smog and asthma.

The Minnoco station in our area we stop at sometimes is Plymouth VIP Auto at 9950 County Rd 9(near Rockford Rd. & I-169).

Minnoco stations are encouraging local drivers to look for the pink nozzle hand guards and splash guards to help boost the donation. Last year E15 sales at Minnoco stations during the Pink Out generated a $15,000 donation to Hope Chest.

We received some info from Minnoco about the effort. They said: “We are excited to once again participate in the Pink Out campaign and provide our customers the chance to support breast cancer awareness by choosing E15 Unleaded Plus, a simple change that can help reduce airborne carcinogens,” said Lance Klatt, executive director of Minnoco. “Providing our customers with the most tested, highest-performing fuels is central to our philosophy, as is giving back to the community. That’s why we continue to support the Pink Out, it accomplishes both.”

Ethanol is in 97 percent of the gasoline sold in the United States and Minnesota has been a leader in its production and use. More than 140 gas stations in Minnesota now offer E15. This 21stcentury fueling option gives drivers a choice at the pump that reduces greenhouse gas emissions while providing their engines more horsepower at a reduced price point.

“Partnering with Hope Chest for Breast Cancer on this great cause is something we are very proud of,” said Jennifer Green, co-owner of Kaposia Minnoco Convenience Center in South St. Paul. “Choosing E15 at the pump is an easy way to give back to the community while cutting toxic emissions and improving our air quality – helping achieve a healthier Minnesota.”

For more information on where to find higher blends of ethanol, visit

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