Fused CBE Food Truck Tasting

With the craze for food trucks everywhere, we were super excited to hear that some of our very own Maple Grove residents were going to be opening their own food truck, AND, we were invited to the tasting party! Photos and descriptions are included in this post, but in a word – AMAZING!

Here’s the background. The head chef is Maple Grove’s very own Jamie Miller. She is an amazing success story in Minnesota, and nationally. She has won several national contests, Sutter Home Build a Better Burger, Rachel Ray Burger Bash, Southern Living Cook Off, Live with Regis & Kelly Thanksgiving Cook Off and many more. And, you probably remember seeing her on the front cover of the Maple Grove Magazine (above). She was delightful to talk with about her inspiration for each dish, and it’s easy to see why they are going to be very successful – the food is unbelievably good!

The name of the truck is “Fused CBE (Craft Brewed Eats)”, and is the brain child of Jamie and her husband Greg, and their partners Mark and Linda. In talking with the two couples, the idea came out of a passion Greg and Mark have for craft beer and trying capitalize the current trend of the many varieties of craft brews that hit the market, and the popularity of food trucks. So, all of the items you see on the menu are made with a craft brew, and they all taste amazing!

Our favorites, in no order because it would be impossible to pick just one:

  • Craft brewed nachos (OK, this IS my favorite) – topped w/ Sneaky Heat chili, Beer Cheese Sauce & pickled jalapenos
  • Sneaky Heat – bean-less Texas-style, spicy steak chili
  • ElJay’s Soft Pretzel w/ craft brewed honey mustard and CBE beer cheese sauce w/ maple brown sugar bacon
  • Chili Dog Totchos – it’s made nachos made with TOTS, what more do you need to know?


We spent the night with a broad group of the two couple’s friends, business associates and neighbors. Good on them for casting a wide net, and for having a sheet to rate each of the food items. We rated the food and suggested a price we would be willing to pay if we bought a particular item from their truck.

It was a really fun event, great food, craft beer, so much buzz about how excited people were to see Jamie & Greg and Mark & Linda get to the point where they are ready to start selling this fantastic food.

Mark & Greg promised to keep us updated on which craft brewery they will be selling at on a particular night, and we will keep you all updated on where you can find this amazing food.


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