Great local bar & restaurant – Malone’s

A quick shout out to a local bar/restaurant that we want to encourage everyone to stop by and visit next time you are looking for a great burger and a cold craft beer or cocktail — Malone’s on Elm Creek Boulevard, right in front of the big movie theater complex. Easy to see from the street.
The reason we are suggesting everyone swing by for a meal is because they are awesome supporters of Maple Grove and our local youth sports programs. The managers name is A.J., and they have invited a ton of our local youth and varsity sports teams to their restaurant for celebrations and meetings. We know personally know about the OsseoMaple Grove Youth Hockey Association (OMGHA), the new Maple Grove Youth Lacrosse Association (MGLAX) and the Maplebrook Soccer Association holding team meetings, board meetings, coaches organizing meeting and of course tournament winning celebrations. They routinely allow the boards of the teams to use their banquet room (unless it’s booked for a party or celebration) for a night with no charge and not expectation of everyone ordering a huge meal. That’s really great for our all volunteer youth boards which many of us serve on. 
Also, they sponsor $5 off coupons for many of the varsity sports teams. You know the ones, the kids from the teams come around to your house and sell those booklets, and inside is a sheet of $5 off coupons per meal. It’s really great of them, there are tons of teams selling those booklets and we all know many families that use them when they go in to eat. Every time one is used Malone’s is giving more money to our youth sports programs. It’s really great of them and super community focused.
So, next time you are thinking about a good place to go out and eat in Maple Grove, with great food and awesome cocktails – remember Malone’s. We want to show them how much we appreciate their dedication to our local community, Living Life in the Grove!

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