Holiday Drivers Could Save Nearly $4 Million by Choosing E15

You’ve heard us mention our affinity for using gasoline that is better for the environment and our health — we regularly stop at the Plymouth VIP Minnoco in our area to make sure we make that choice.

Now there’s more good news! According to Growth Energy, American drivers taking to the road for family gatherings this Thanksgiving could save $4 million if they fill up with E15, a fuel that contains 15 percent ethanol.

Following AAA’s prediction of record-breaking travel for Americans this holiday weekend, Growth Energy is encouraging drivers to take advantage of the value E15 brings and go to to locate an E15 station while on the road this week.

E15 can cost up to 10 cents less per gallon.  So if drivers fill up with E15 this year, it could mean nearly $4 million in savings.

E15 is available at nearly 1,200 locations across 29 states (including MN!), and Americans recently surpassed 2 billion miles driven on the fuel. MN retailers selling E15 include Cenex, Kwik Trip, and Minnoco

E15 is approved for 2001 and newer vehicles, which make up 90 percent of the vehicles on the road today. You can find the gas station nearest you at

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