Local Gas Station Cleans Parks & Promotes Clean Fuel

A few of us noticed that the gas station near Hwy. 169 and Rockford Road in Plymouth has been branded as a Minnoco station. We were curious and looked into it — Minnoco stations are group of locally-owned stations who are part of the Minnesota Service Station & Convenience Store Association. According to their website (minnoco.com) by branding this way, they are able to own and control their own brand of fuel while offering alternative renewable fuels such as Diesel, E85, E30, and E15. Sounds good to us!

We also received a press release from Minnoco about an Earth Day clean-up effort they were involved in this past weekend. Volunteers and family members cleaned parks around the Twin Cities, including one in Plymouth, highlighting the connection between the cleaner-burning, earth-friendly ethanol blends sold at Minnoco stations and their commitment to making the Twin Cities a cleaner place to live.

Their press release says, “Ethanol is a great fuel for Earth Day, and every day. Global ethanol production and use is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 110 million metric tons every year – the equivalent of removing nearly 20 million vehicles off the road. Ethanol is a clean-burning biofuel that reduces emissions by 43 percent compared to gasoline and has already replaced toxic fuel additives that were linked to cancer, asthma and smog.”

Here are some of the photos they passed along from their clean-up efforts. Definitely worth checking out these community involved gas stations & their clean fuels!


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