Maple Grove Facebook Garage Sale tips

We have heard from many moms, and some dads, in Maple Grove wondering how best to use the Facebook Maple Grove-Plymouth Garage Sale site. The contributors to “Life In The Grove” have used the Garage Sale site, multiple times, both buying and selling items. In our experience it’s safe, almost all of the sellers are local residents, and (especially for those of us downsizing and looking to sell things our younger kids don’t use anymore) it’s a fantastic way to get lots of stuff that you no longer use in your house out, and make a few dollars in the process.
First, and foremost, BE SAFE! Many of us leave whatever sale item we sell on our porch in a bag from Target or a grocery store. If you know the person, or have sold or bought things from them in the past, it’s no problem. But, if you have any questions at all, just agree to meet in a parking lot. We use the lot at Target, next to the Maple Grove Hospital, but know quite a few people that use the large parking lot located right in front of the Maple Grove City offices, which is also where the Maple Grove Police Department is located. We’re not sure if there is a safer lot in the city. Places that are public, with lots of people and traffic, are best.
For those of you who have bought or sold on eBay or similar sites, you will want to price things a little lower than you would on those sites. We have found the items sell much faster, and it’s traditionally what the market will go for on the site. 
Take lots of photos. The more you can show your items condition, from different angles and views, the faster it will sell. 
Here are some commonly used terms when buying or selling on the website:

BUMP: A seller may comment “bump” on their own post to “bump” it back to the top of the group’s feed. Any time a post is commented on it is bumped back to the top. Sellers will do this to give their post visibility to buyers. 

EUC or GUC: Excellent Used Condition or Good Used Condition

FCFS: First Come First Served. Item will not be held and will be sold to the first person to schedule a pickup.

FOLLOWING: If you comment “following” (or add any comment) on a post you like, you will receive notifications when new comments are added. You can also click the arrow in the upper right corner of any post and choose “turn on notifications” or “turn off notifications” if you do/do not want to get notified.

ISO: In Search Of. A member will post if they are “ISO” a particular item, thing, etc. and is looking for others to recommend or offer something similar for sale.

NEXT: If you comment “next” on an item, you will be put in line for the item if the buyer(s) before you falls thru.

OBO: Or Best Offer. Seller may accept another offer outside of their listed price.

PM: Private Message. You can send a PM to another member by clicking into their profile and clicking the “message” button. 

POMS: Posted on Multiple Sites. A seller may have their item listed on multiple sites for selling. This may also be referred to as “cross-posted.

PPU: Pending Pickup. An item is scheduled to be picked up by a buyer – but has not yet been officially picked up.

TIA: Thanks In Advance

Happy selling & bidding!  Enjoy using the Garage Sale site while living Life in the Grove!

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