Weather Forecast For Maple Grove Area

There’s a lot to get done with this holiday season picking up stream. We thought we’d provide a quick look at the upcoming weather so you can be ready for whatever is coming our way. Looking like it’ll be relatively warm for the next few days, which is nice!

It’ll be partly cloudy until tomorrow afternoon and breezy this evening.

Tuesday December 12

Foggy starting in the evening. High 21, low 8.

Chance of precipitation: 12%. Wind 4 mph from the WNW

Wednesday December 13

Snow (< 1 in.) in the morning. High 33, low 18.

Chance of precipitation: 37%. Wind 1 mph from the NW

Thursday December 14

Foggy in the morning. High 26, low 19.

Chance of precipitation: 22%. Wind 8 mph from the NW

Friday December 15

Mostly cloudy throughout the day. High 23, low 10.

Chance of precipitation: 9%. Wind 6 mph from the NW

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